why would i let
finite planets break my heart
when i once had the privilege
of loving a limitless galaxy—
unfortunately limitless
did not mean endless
because things between us were over
six months, two weeks, and four days ago.
perhaps you were not my star but
you certainly are someone’s.
today a new friend asked me
if i had someone special
in my life
and i wanted to say you but
even though you are special to me
and you always will be
you are not in my life any longer
and sometimes i forget that.

'I love you,' he said quietly.

She laughed. ‘No, you don’t. You think you do, because you think I can save you.’ She flicked ash off of her cigarette.

Before he could speak again, she continued. ‘And here’s the thing. I can’t. And even if I could, I wouldn’t.’ She turned to look at him, her expression suddenly very serious. ‘You have to learn how to take care of yourself. You’ve got to help yourself. You say you want to be happy, but all you do is think about how sad you are. I know it sucks. I know you think I can fix it all. But I can’t. I can’t,’ she sighed.

It seemed as if she spoke from experience. As if she’d tried to save someone but failed, and never forgiven herself. As if she’d learned the hard way.


quiet thoughts #2 - still

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“That’s all right,” she says, and I have to wonder how many times she’s said that to the people in her life who screwed her over somehow.

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